The Troublemakers is the 3rd Episode of the 3rd Season


After Toad, Yoshi, and Lakitu Got kicked out of Weegee Mart from pretending to be Hobos, They Hired a Bunch of Random People (JayJay, Metal Mario, Gumball, The Angry German Kid, Jake(AGK), Felix, BArt, Milhouse, Thomas, Clarence, and Horace) to see if they have gotten Kicked out of Weegee Mart. They all Did. The next Day,they all Got a Bat to Hunt mario Down because Toad figured out that he wasn't Kicked out. At the Hospital, they Find Mario with Rosalina at the Hospital when she got an accident from an ATV Race what Gumball Did. They Grabbed Mario and Attacked him. 2 Minutes Later, He ended up with her. They found the Next Victim, Bob Unit 3 and stole all of his Chocholate. Bart Slingshot and Hit Mario in the eye and broke the window.