The Final Destination Goes Fewer is a Mystery Based on Family Guy's And there were Fewer

About (Part 1)Edit

Bob Unit 1 gets mail for The Bob Units (2 got Glasses, 3 Got Lego's, 4 got a TV, and 5 Got Gummies) and they got an Invitation to a Party. And they Arrived at a Mansion. Then 2 Minutes Later, They Saw a Bunch of their Friends coming.

They got in and Saw a Maid. They got in and there, was a Huge Frame of Bruce Lee. At Evening, It was Dinner Time, and a Large Set table was There. then a Thunder Strike came and Rosalina's Mother Dissapears. (She was Found Part 2). More Comming Soon

Part 2Edit

After the Dissapearence of Dr. Tubby from Pt 1, The Team Splits up to find out a Clue (more Coming Soon)


  • The 5 Bob Units