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Percy is The Number 6 Engine


He is the Green engine with the 0-4-0 engine and is number 6. His Best friend is Thomas.He pulls the Mail. He is Part of The Bachelors Club.

In Human Form[]

Percy wears a Green T-Shirt with the Number 6 on it and wears Black Shorts also.He is the mail boy.He Tries to escape The Bachelors Club, But was caught by Gordon.He Barfed ob Gumball Watterson Before.

Episode appearence[]

  • Episode 2
  • Episode 4
  • Episode 6
  • Episode 7 (Mentioned)
  • Episode 8
  • Episode 10 (Does Not Speak)
  • Episode 14
  • Episode 15 (Cameo)
  • Episode 16 (Cameo)


  • He appears likely on the Even Episodes