The PRE MAgic and Dragons 1 The Adventures Begin is The Pre-Story of 


Greg Heffley,Thomas,Percy,James,Emily,Bart Simpson,Mario,Luigi,Dipper Pines,Hash Brown,Oscar,Mabel Pines,Phineas,Ferb, Isabella Garcia Shapiro,Baljeet Patel,Buford Van Stomm, and Dino Mutt was Bored with their Siblings.JayJay,TT,Finn,and the Others in The Van JUST made a Special School.They Stop at The Heffly's Home and JayJay comes in and Tells Greg that He Figured out that he got Magical Spells and he Invites Greg to The Special School.Greg Grabs his bag and Tell's Them "See Ya Later!" And gets inside the Van.Then Thay got to Thomas's Place and Thomas was bored at his House.Timmy And Tommy (Engines) Came and asked to Play, But Bob Unit 3 Came inside and said that Thomas was Invited to that Special School.At James's Place James was Making Noises that he was Bored.He wanted a Happy Place, but Bob Unit 649 Said that He was Invited to Some Special School.

6 Hours Later.....Edit

They're were trying to Make it to the Special School

And Thats it Check!Edit

They were There at that Special School.(More Coming Soon)