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Magic and Dragons 2 is The Second Series of The Magic and Dragons.It will Release In Summer.


A New Story[]

After The Defeat of Mr Burns we'll now Go to a New Villan And thats Ice King.Finn Discoveres the whole Thing, But JayJay said it was already happen.Gumball Watterson Reported that Mr Burns was Gone, TT said that It was Ice King.Bob Unit 1 said that he was going through the Dimension back in the Medival times where Magic and Dragons Existed.Homer Simpson asked if there was Donuts in there. But Thomas Yelled No to Homer.Then Mario Came with News. He said that they needed the Time Machine cause the Villans Returned But Burns.JayJay Accepted it.Then they got the Time Machine and Travelled back.

4,500 Years Ago...[]

They were back in time.They're weren't ANY Technologies,Cars,Donuts,etc.But there were Castles,Dragons,Magic and Of Course Armies.A Dragon Snatches Homer and Homer Yells for Help.JayJay uses the Gold Dragon and grabs Homer.Darwin Watterson Snatches some Water and Fishes and sells food.Finn Tld them No time for Food.Bob Unit 1​ Said that it was time to go to that Castle.They Went to that Castle and it has a MILLION of Steps

The Castle with a Million Steps[]

(Coming Soon)