The List of Magic and Dragons Stuff

List of SeriesEdit

The Series. The Overal Characters were JayJay Homer and Bob Unit 1

  1. Magic and Dragons 1, The Adventures Begin- The very 1st Movie released July. The movie Revolves with all of the Heroes and Villans.
  2. Magic and Dragons 2, The New Destination- the 2nd Adventure of the Green ProDuctions. This book Revolves around Thomas and Diesel 10
  3. Magic and Dragons 3; The Lost of the Ancient Dragon- The 3rd Magic and Dragons Series Which Debuted Leopold Slikk
  4. Magic and Dragons 4, Destroyed Castle
  5. Magic and Dragons 5, New Home
  6. Magic and Dragons 6, The Legends of The Ancient Dragon
  7. Magic and Dragons 7, Revenges of Mr.Burns
  8. Magic and Dragons 8, The Final Battle Part 1
  9. Magic and Dragons 9, The Final Battle Part 2

Series 2Edit

There was a Series 2 Comfirmed At Summer 2015.The Final Battle Part 2 is Not the Last.There were 2 Series Comfirmed.More Villans are Coming and Heroes are Coming 2, But the Stories were:

  1. Magic and Dragons 10, A New Adventure
  2. Magic and Dragons 11, The Legends of the Missing Pearl
  3. Magic And Dragons 12, Revenges of Ice King
  4. Magic and Dragons 13, Destinations of Slorg
  5. Magic And Dragons 14, Lost in the Woods
  6. Magic and Dragons 15, The Reborned Castle
  7. Magic And Dragons 16, The Ancient Sword
  8. Magic And Dragons 17, Revenge Of Ice King 2
  9. Magic And Dragons 18, The Lost Sword
  10. Magic And Dragons 19, The Last Castle

Series 3Edit

Series 3 is The Third Series and Will Release Winter 2015.It Has More Villans and More Legends.

  1. Magic And Dragons 20, Another Legend Adventure
  2. Magic And Dragons 21, Armies of Metropolis
  3. More Coming Soon


The Board GameEdit

The Board Game Comes with The Five Bob Units, and 649.The Special Board Game Pieces is JayJay,TT,Gumball Watterson,Phineas,Greg Heffley,Toad,Finn,Homer Simpson,and Mario. Teh Special Board Game Pieces comes from Youtube Prizes.


The Books are Based on the Series, But it is Different.The Characters Has been Replaced with Fantasy Characters Made Up from The Green ProDuctions.

The Custom Trackmaster TrainsEdit

There Customs Only made out of TrackMaster,But was Painted on.