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MARIO KART 9?????? is a Mash up Racing series of the Mario Kart Series.


Nintendo Ran out of Ideas so they maded Mario kArt 9! wait what? they haven't released the Mario Kart 8! But anyways! we have Tons of New Characters!

Main Characters

Image Name Type Unlockable How
JayJay Cruiser


Complete mirror mode with a 2 star rank
Gumball Medium No Starter
Original Finn.png
Finn Medium No Starter
Homer Simpson 2006.png
Homer Simpson Heavy Yes Win the 50 CC Burp Cup
Felix the Cat Medium No Starter
Greg Heffley Medium No Starter
Mario Medium No Starter
Mordecai character.png
Mordecai Cruiser No Starter
Toad Feather No Starter
Yoshi Light No Starter
Wiggler (Full Size).jpg
Wiggler Cruiser Yes Win the 150CC Cloud Cup
200px-Rosalina Artwork MK.jpg
Rosalina Cruiser Yes Complete the Legend Cup (any class) as Mario
Principal Burp Heavy Yes Complete the 150 CC with a 1 Star Rank
Bob Unit 1.png
Bob Unit 1 Cruiser Yes After Unlocking Rosalina, Unlock 16 expert Ghost Data's

Bob Unit 2

Bob Unit 2 Medium Yes Complete Burp Cup (any Class) with a Bike
Bob Unit 3.png
Bob Unit 3 Medium Yes Race for 45 Minutes
Bob Unit 4.jpg
Bob Unit 4 Medium Yes Win 5 Online Matches 45 Times

Bob Unit 5

Bob Unit 5 Heavy Yes Unlock all of the Bob Unit Family
Bart with his skateboard.jpg
Bart Simpson Medium No Starter
Dipper Pines.png
Dipper Pines Medium No Starter
Luigi Medium No Starter
Kirby Feather Yes Unlock Legend Cup
Mr Burns Cruiser No Starter
Ami Onuki Light No Starter

More Characters

Whoops! we ran out of space, so here is more!

Image Name Type Unlockable How
Lakitu Feather Yes Complete Chell Cup (Mirror Mode) with only Being in 1st Place
Koopa Troopa Feather No Starter

Need Image

(From Powder Game)

BG BOB Heavy No Starter
Metal Mario Heavy Yes Play as Mario 100 Times
Meta Knight Cruiser No Starter
Rocky Cruiser Yes Downloadable Content
Tubby Light Yes Downloadable Content
Bowser Heavy No Starter
Mama Luigi MamaLuigi2.png
Mama Luigi Light No Starter

Even Even More Characters!

We accidently Ran Out of Ideas, So we got more to Produce!

Image Name Type Unlockable and How
Peter Griffin Heavy No Starter


Image Name Price


(Racing Money)

Darwin Watterson.jpg
Darwin Watterson

$14.92 (Racing Money)

Jake The Dog Exclusively Free


  • Mushroom Cup
    • Metropolis
    • Greenwall High
    • Atlantis
    • Mushroom Kid's Fort
  • Flower Cup
  • Star Cup
    • The SUn
    • Space
    • The Moon
    • Venus
  • Special Cup
    • Mr Burns Fort
    • Magic and Dragons Castle
    • Bowsers castle
    • Rainbow Road 
Shell Cup Banana Cup Leaf Cup Lightning Cup
GBA Cheese Land Wii U Mount Wario 3DS Cheep Cheep Lagoon Wii U Twisted Mansion
3DS Rosalina's Ice World 3DS Mario Circuit Wii U Toad Harbor DS Shroom Ridge
SNES Bowsers Castle 3 GBA Riverside Park Wii Moonview Highway 3DS Neo Bowser City
DS Figure 8 Circuit GNC Wario Colosseum GBA Snow Land GBA Rainbow Road


  • Grand Prix- Race with 14 Players, Cup Classes is
    • 50CC
    • 100CC
    • 150CC
    • Mirror Mode
  • Time Trail
  • Coin Runners
  • Balloon Battle

New Ability

It was Drills to Dig under


Image Kart Speed Acceleration Handling Tracktion
Stanard art.png
Stanard Kart


Reference in other Games

  • Super Mario Kart- SNES Bowsers Castle 3 Returns
  • Mario Kart Super Circuit-