There are Numerous Parodies on the series

  • In S3E24, Gumball and Darwin steals Henry's candy which is a Parody of the 1894's Candy calles Hershy's
  • A Planet called Planet Wal*Mart was Built in the dwarf Planet which is a parody of
    •  Pluto
    • Wal*Mart
    • John Deere Products (it was Called Burp dear)
    • D'oh (dole)
    • Lisa (Visa)
    • and lots of More
  • In S4E30, a pizza sauce called Horny's was alot like the Japanese Pasta sauce Tarako (タラコパスタソース)
  • In S1E4, Bob Unit 5 was Watching a show called "Cloudenshi Tubbyman" and was a Parody of the 1984's show called Choudenshi Bioman (超電子バイオマン)
  • This also Happened in S1E5 when Rosalina was shopping for Groceries.
  • In S1E6, Bob Unit 1's Shelf of Action Figures, there was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Parody
  • In S1E7, Oscar has a Shirt of Cloudenshi Tubbyman (wich Debuted on S1E4), IS a Parody of Choudenshi bioman.
  • At S2E11, Finn went to a Restaurant called MucDuckalds (Duck Life 2) whic is a Parody of McDonalds
  • Mario KArt 9 is a Parody of Mario Kart 8
  • MArio Party 11 is a Parody of Mario Party 10 (it is set to be released 2014)
  • SSB5 Is a Parody of SSB4