Transcript 1Edit

When Thomas and the Others Found Emily

  • Emily:Who The @#%$ Are You
  • Thomas:Come One Its Me Yur BoyFriend Thomas!
  • Emily:Wait What
  • Thomas:Sh!t!
  • Percy:Theres No TIME Thomas Lets Go!
  • Thomas:Let Me Deal With This!
  • James:She'll Never Go Out with You
  • Finn:She Thinks Your a Doofus
  • Gumball: Uhhhhhhh........
  • Thomas;How can You tell if i dont have a Girlfirend
  • Emily:None of Your Buisness
  • James: Lets Just Go
  • Gordon:Wait!

Then a Falling Luigi (as a Train) Came

  • Luigi:(His famous Scream)
  • Finn:Thomas Just Tug On Him!
  • Thomas:OK

So Thomas and Emily Tugged on Luigi

  • Luigi:Mario Where Ever u are? (He Uses His famous Scream)
  • Thomas:%$#@ U Luigi!
  • Darwin:I could Save u
  • Finn:NO!
  • Gumball:Why Not?
  • Thomas:Oh No! ITS A TRAP!

Then They Fell into A Hole

  • Talyllyn:Hi
  • Thomas:Just Get Rocky and Save Us Here!
  • Talyllyn:OK

So Talyllyn Told Carlton to Save The Three That Fell Into A Ditch

Transcript 2Edit

  • Thomas:Who else we got to Get?
  • Finn:UHHHHHHHHHHHH..................
  • Gumball:I Got one
  • JayJay: 何が?Nani ga?
  • Darwin:Its the Girls!
  • Thomas:Its not bad.
  • JayJay:まあ、ええ、それはある!(Mā, ē, sore wa aru!)
  • Finn:Well i Agree!
  • Jake:Sauce anyone?
  • James:No.
  • Jake: Now?
  • James:NO!
  • Percy:Lets just GO Man
  • Bob Unit 1: NO i dont want to Touch any Girls!
  • Thomas:Ive Kissed one.
  • T-Bone:Your Gay Man!
  • Percy and James:Thats Not Gay
  • James:Ive Been Dumped twice