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Castle in the Sky - DJ Satomi

The Castle in The Sky is a Song Sunged by Dj SatomiIt is a European Song.

Used in The Series[]

It Has Not Been Used in Any Episode But was Used in The Magic and Dragons Series.It was Also Used in His DS Airship Fortress Former American Record.

DS Airship Fortress.[]

The Times are Listed Below

  • 2.00.531
  • 2.00.383

Magic and Dragons Series[]

It was Used in 2 When The Heroes were making it to the Castle

DS Waluigi Pinball[]

It Could Been Used Later on


It was Heard in The Story Behind The P.O.R.T.A.L when Gumball's Phone Rang. It could be His Ringtone.


  • Some might Think this is a Japanese Song

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