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Bob Unit 2

Bob Unit 2 is a Wise Tubby


Bob Unit 2 is a Unit that is Red, Has Glasses, and Like TT, He is also Red and there Both Tubbies

On Train Form[]

He is a 0-6-0 with a tender and is Red and Has a Tender shape like Ferdinand and His Number is 12 (Like Emily's In FanFiction) 


He is a Smart Or Wise Tubby That is a Nice student and Sraight A Student.

Episode Appearence[]

  • Almost Every


  1. Magic and Dragons 1, The Adventures Begin
  2. Magic and Dragons 2, The New Destination
  3. Magic and Dragons 3, Mysterious Dungeon of Legend
  4. Magic and Dragons 4, Destroyed Castle
  5. Magic and Dragons 5, New Home
  6. Magic and Dragons 6, The Legends of The Ancient Dragon
  7. Magic and Dragons 7, Revenges of Mr.Burns
  8. Magic and Dragons 8, The Final Battle Part 1
  9. Magic and Dragons 9, The Final Battle Part 2
  10. The Story Behind The P.O.R.T.A.L


  • He Likes Chocholate
  • He once ate a Fish thats alive