The Battle of the Loves is the 5 episode of the 2nd Season


James and Rodrick were on a Walk, buying Ice Cream and Saw Rosalina. They fell in love on here and Ended up Fighting.

Day 1Edit

James and Rodrick Bought a Pet Hamster and was going to give it, but Fails and Mario Gives a Luma Instead. Rocky Eats the Hamsters.

Day 2Edit

James and Rodrick bought Roses and was going to give it, it ended up being LEGO and Broke into Pieces. Mario Gave her a Tulip. Bob Unit 2 and Spider ended up Collecting them.

Day 3Edit

Rodrick Maded Breakfast for Her, But James maded a way Better one, but it ended up being eaten by JayJay

Day 4Edit

James bought her a $100 Ring, but Rodrick got her a $1999.99 Dollar Ring. Oscar Stole them and sold it so he could buy a Mansion.

Day 5Edit

James got a Crappy Car from Farmer Tubby. Rodrick got her a Lamborgini. Farmer Tubby took his Car Back and Herman Sold the Lamborgini for $2,000,000.00 Dollars

Day 6Edit

This was the day where Rosalina was Sick. Both James and Rodrick was dashing to help her, but Mario Did.

Day 7Edit

James used Teddy Ink, Rodrick Used Animal Assistance. Mario Used Dinner Night

Final dayEdit

James and Rodrick got into a Battle (James used Gallade and Rodrick used Lucario) But Mario Setted up a Marridge(Marridge is at Next Episode)