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Barney Gets Grounded for Ultraplex years is a Video by The Green ProDuctions. It was a Former page, and it has the Exact Information.


Barney, Dora, Caillou uploads a Fake VHS Opening of Regular Show. Caillou's Parents and Dora's Parents comes in and see what they Did. Then, Horace N Buggy omes in and grounds them for life.


  • Kidaroo as Barney the Purple Dinosaur, Green ProDuctions, Bob Unit 1 and 3
  • David as Gumball, Coulden PettitCaillou and Felix the Cat
  • Zack as Greg Heffley and Finn
  • Simon as Mario and Horace N. Buggy
  • Brian as CalebComedian, 57KirbyTV, Brian Griffin, and Bart Simpson
  • Paul as Larry the Cucumber and Igor the Mii
  • Dave as Mrlegofan10
  • Steven as Toad, Kirby,Thomas the Tank Engine, Tito Swang (Shining time Station), Emmet Brickowski. and Bob Unit 2
  • Young Guy as Luigi, Bob Unit 4, Mickey Mouse, and Takashi
  • Wise Guy as Homer Simpson
  • Eric as LouieLouie95 and Rigby
  • Kayla as KeybirdComedian VeVo, Dora and Lisa Sompson
  • Joey as Caroline0204
  • Diesel as Rocky and Bob Unit 5
  • Alan as The Warden
  • Belle as Queen Lanolin
  • Princess as Princess Matilda
  • TweenGirl as Fluttergirl
  • Scary Voice as Bowser
  • Joey as Mama Luigi, Phineas and Spongebob
  • Silent: Mouthess Girl and Boy
  • Kimberly as Rosalina and Marge Simpson
  • Julie as Kristin Konkle

Transcript Edit

  • Caillou: I've Got an Idea Barney and Dora, Let's make the opening to regular show 1990 vhs real not fake.
  • Barney: Lets Get Started!
  • 10 minutes Later
  • Dora: Yay! We Finished it!
  • Horace N. Buggy: Did i Heare Something about a Fake VHS Opening?
  • Dora: No
  • Horace: Let Me See!
  • Horace gets Surprised and Gets Mad
  • Horace: You are So-oo-OO-Oo in Big Trouble! Thats It! I will Have to Call all of the People and Get You Guys in Trouble!
  • Caillou, Barney, and Dora all Together: No 60x
  • Horace: Now that There is a Whole Cast of People Here! 


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