Template:Character name Angry German Kid (Leopold Slikk) Is a Keyboard Smashing Kid. His age was 18 in real life and 14-16 in The Series of others, but in this series, he is age 17. He has 2 Brothers (Leonidas and Leonard) and a mother and Father (Linda and Harold)


Episode 2Edit

AGK goes to the dentist, but was scared from the Dentist, Dr. Rabbit.

Episode 5Edit

AGK Goes to a Sleepover with Jake (AGK SERIES).


  • He Made a Cameo in "50 Youtube spoilers in 4 Minutes"
  • His Favorite Food is Sausage and Eggs
  • He Is afraid of Storms
  • He 1st Debuted in the Original Video at 2006 or something
  • His Weigh in Mario Kart 9 is a Cruiser due to the Height
  • Angry German Kid - The Original

    Angry German Kid - The Original